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European Astrotech Ltd was formed in 2007 and has established itself as a key leader in propulsion services in the space industry.

European Astrotech Ltd provides high quality propellant based chemical and mechanical services to all areas of industry. Our expansive experience in the chemistry of all storable liquid propellants and the engineering of spacecraft propulsion subsystems enables us to support our clients in all aspects of propulsion chemistry and engineering; from analysis, processing of components and assemblies; through to subsystem qualification testing and launch site services.


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Launch Campaigns

EAL propulsion teams carry out testing, fuelling and pressurisation operations for satellite launch campaigns at launch sites all over the world.

Compatibility Testing

EAL's chemical laboratory is equipped with the facilities for multiple material compatibility test with all types of storable liquid propellants.

Sub-System Testing

EAL has two re-purposed engine firing bays allowing hazardous testing on propulsion sub-systems for customers, using live or simulant propellants.

Chemical Analysis

EAL can perform propellant analysis to the Military Specifications for all storable liquid propellants for independent certification. All EAL chemists are experienced propellant handlers.


EAL extensive experience with liquid propellants means we are well equipped to provide comprehensive training in the correct handling, storage and transportation of liquid propellants.


EAL are uniquely positioned to advise on any use of liquid propellant from transport, testing and in spacecraft applications.

European Astrotech Ltd

Why Choose Us

European Astrotech Ltd has a proven track record in successfully delivering satellite launch campaigns for a variety of spacecraft and launch sites. We combine our theoretical principles with years of practical experience to deliver efficient and versatile propulsion subsystem testing. In all of the above activities, safety is always the priority.

EAL engineers have a wealth of experience working in the space propulsion sector. It is our intention to continually expand our services to enable us to support all areas of industry in aspects of chemical and mechanical engineering to the highest standard.

EAL prides itself on efficency during satelite launch campiagns. By combining small, highly experienced teams with state of the art, innovative equipment and proven procedural operations we can help customers achieve shorter, more cost effective launch campaigns.

EAL performs independant, unbiased analysis for propellant manufacturers, users and clients without vested interests in results.

EAL also launches high altitude balloon projects for schools and companies.

If you have any propulsion needs please feel free to ask us any questions.